Ulf Dahlman


"For the future"

I am today a entrepreneur within the commercial realestatebusiness. I have a wide experience in vehicles and trafic, buildingmaterials and commercial realestatebusiness, education and training (adults)

Name: Ulf Dahlman
Year of birth: 27.10.1957
Municipality: Vantaa
Town: Päiväkumpu, Vantaa
Email: ulfdahlman@gmail.com

Important political topics

Upper secondary school and vocational training

Ensuring the future requires maintaining and developing high-quality and versatile education throughout the lifecycle of local residents. The City of Vantaa must be the leading municipality when dealing with future investments. The City of Vantaa must invest in the future and ensure sufficient resources for schools to maintain and develop them. The City of Vantaa must also support adult education and training in general. This attracts new residents and new businesses to Vantaa.

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Entrepreneurship and employment

The City of Vantaa must be a forerunner and an active player in communicating with and supporting companies. Every municipality needs companies and entrepreneurs to bring tax companies to the municipality. For this reason, the municipality must maintain an active dialogue with companies already operating in the municipality, but also attract new ones. This also applies to the placement of business in the municipality, for example as noise protection along the main roads and around the airport. If necessary, infrastructure and transport arrangements must be built that optimally support business and enable easy commuting of employees, including by public transport.

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Climate-smart municipality

A big challenge is how to take care of our environment. Fast fixes are difficult to achieve. All possibilities should anyway be investigated. For example, the investements needed for the tram traffic should be compared in details with the investments of the electrical bustraffic.

New buildings and areas could be forced to fullfill the regulations of having solarpanels on the roofs. Commercial realestates areas could also be used as renewable production areas.

The internal public transport in Vantaa should be developed.

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