Tuomas Toivonen


"Korsholm - a shining point in the middle of the big world! We gravitate to a place where we can live good lives!"

Hello! I live in Koskö with my wife Viveca and our cuddly tomcat called Trulle. I work in a company that delivers business administration solutions. I am striving for Korsholm that keeps on providing a safe community, good health and a good life for everyone. In order to reach those objectives we need a close cooperation with our neighbouring municipalities, while being keen to cherish the identity of our unique municipality. There must be room for everyone in Korsholm regardless of language or background. If we stop having the courage to be different, something essential is lost forever!

Name: Tuomas Toivonen
Year of birth: 1976
Municipality: Korsholm
Town: Koskö
Email: tuomasvilhelm@gmail.com
Phone: +358442055508

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