Tomi Honkanen


"My Lahti is the most business-friendly city in Finland. A city that can afford investments in youth work, education and safety."

Born and bred in Lahti and a father of two adult sons that study economic science. Our whole family are sports enthusiasts. Personally I love football and group fitness. In my spare time I am also the head of special football (kids and youngsters with special needs) in Lahti.

My work experience consists of 30 years in business, mostly in manager and executive roles, but also of work in the school world and child welfare.

This means that I know from experience why we have to invest in preventive child and youth work. Support and safety have to be guaranteed through whole lifespan.

We also need new income in Lahti. The most business-friendly city can tempt new business, investments and taxpayers into the city. An open dialog between the city and the business is needed.

The Swedish-speaking services are an important part of the city and they can even be improved. Our great Svenska Gården has to be included in the city marketing, especially towards the Swedish- or bilingual families in the capital area.

Name: Tomi Honkanen
Year of birth: 1966
Municipality: Lahti
Title: Sales manager

Important political topics

Young people's well-being

Investing in preventive youth work is essential. Wellbeing and proper chances to grow have to be guaranteed. Investing now means less costs in the future.

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Entrepreneurship and employment

Lahti has to be a top business-friendly city. We need new income, new jobs, investments and taxpayers. The business have to feel themselves welcome everytime they deal with city any city department.

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Enabling sports and exercise chances for everyone is important. Income level shall not be an obstacle. We also have to guarantee the necessary prerequisites for operation for our top clubs. These clubs and their players act as role models for the kids and youngsters in the city.

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