Sebastian Långström


"”Basse- A city where everyone feels well, and belongs”"

My education consists of a masters degree in economics as well as a proficiency in teaching. I am married and a father of three teenagers. Moreover I am a part-time entrepeneur.
I have worked as a teacher for 20 years, and have gained a broad experience of various grades. I have worked in the lower grades, as well as in highschool, and further more at an institute of business and at university. Mostly I have worked with children and youngsters.

The well-being of young people lies near my heart.That is what I want to work for. Unfortunately the youngsters have had to renounce of too much, during the pandemic. Many of them are restless and even depressed. It is now important to invest in schools and young people, who have not been able to enjoy the happy and sorrowfree life, which we adults remember from our youth. To rebuild the damage, followed by the pandemic, efforts and resources are needed for schools.

For some years I have lived in a wooden house in Helsinki. I have also lived in Hakaniemi, the very centre of the pulse of Helsinki. Both ways of living have their own charm, and a certain place in my heart. As a contrast to everyday- and citylife,
I enjoy the archipelago, where I build and wander in the nature.

Helsinki is a many-sided and unique city, a Capital where the centre, living areas,
beautiful parks as well as the archipelago meet. The many different oases of the city
must be preserved and developed continuously, so that we, the inhabitants of Helsinki, and those who visit us could enjoy it to the full. I wish to work for a Capital consisting of a great variety of people and different forms of living. Also an abundance of culture, education and living are images of wealth.

Name: Sebastian Långström
Year of birth: 1973
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Helsinki
Title: Teacher
Phone: 0503684128