Sandra Högström


"The foundation of a happy Vaasa is the well-being of its inhabitants."

I am a happy, socially engaged, immigrant resident of Vaasa, who came to Ostrobothnia as a test - almost ten years ago.

In my professional life, I have previously worked with various vulnerable groups in the drug and correctional services, and now with children who have been subjected to violence. It is above all this special competence that I want to add to the decision-making process in Vaasa, and therefore I chose to stand as a candidate in the municipal elections.

In my free time, I volunteer in an association for youth and culture. All forms of culture give me an extra kick to cope with everyday life.

Name: Sandra Högström
Year of birth: 1991
Municipality: Vaasa
Town: Vaasa
Title: Registered nurse
Member in:

Important political topics

Young people's well-being

Through my profession, I have seen for almost ten years what happens when we do not take care of our young people. The worst thing about all the life stories I have been told, is to realize that it would almost always have been possible to prevent, with the right kind of help, at the right time. Even if the new counties will take over social and health services, the municipality still has a responsibility and an opportunity to look at the big picture and supplement with perhaps the very services that make all the difference in a person's life. I want Vaasa to stand out as a municipality that really takes care of its inhabitants and offers equal, versatile, and flexible services in the mother tongue of its inhabitants.

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We know that gender equality promotes economic development as well as the well-being and health of our citizens in general. It goes without saying that all residents should be able to feel safe, be treated equally, and have the same opportunities. Yet this is not a reality today, and for example violence against women is something that our society should work actively to prevent and stop. Vaasa, with its energy cluster, has enormous development potential by targeting women and ensuring that gender equality is a factor that is considered at all stages of decision-making.

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