Päivi Puntila


"1) We must prevent the loss of young families to the neighboring municipalities 2) Let's build Finland's most international and attractive city 3) We must create equal hobby opportunities, and support the best to the top. #päivitetäänespoo #päivitäpuolueesi #softvalues"

Mother of three children (20, 17, 9y). We live in my childhood house in Mankkaa.

As a Business Development Director at a technology company I lead our infrastructure business.

Education: B.Sc. (Econ), student in technology, Master of Arts (MA)

As a former competitive athlete and a sport coach, I love hiking, skiing, road biking and figure skating. I assemble Legos and puzzles as well as read and listen to books.

A member of Soroptimists organization that drives women's and children's rights, a volunteer for the Finnish Figure Skating association and a member of the Helsinki Board partners.

As a Finnish speaking Finn, I chose RKP party because it is a sophisticated right-wing liberal party that puts emphasis on soft values.

Name: Päivi Puntila
Year of birth: 1969
Municipality: Espoo
Town: Mankkaa
Title: Director Business Development
Email: paivi.puntila@gmail.com
www: https://paivipuntila.fi

Important political topics


We must create equal hobby opportunities, and support the best to the top.

Espoo residents no longer have equal opportunities to pursue activities. Seasonal fees for clubs are rising because building new facilities here is expensive and space rents are high. Clubs should be better supported. In addition, Rantaraitti needs to be developed, and clearer signs are needed for Nuuksio and Keskuspuisto in order to attract new walkers to nature.

From Espoo, it must also be possible to strive for the top of the world. We need a top-notch sports strategy that focuses on athlete-centered coaching. The success of the people of Espoo brings joy and benefit to all of us. Positive role models encourage and show that dreams can be achieved. International events create experiences and bring net revenue to the city.

Combining competitive sports and school is in its infancy. The school is open during the day when the sports facilities are underutilized, and in the evenings everyone rushes to their hobbies at the same time. Covid-19 has shown that combining home schooling with normal school works. Later scheduled school hours would allow morning workouts with fresh bodies, preventing injuries and overtraining. Finland's second largest city still does not have a sports high school similar to Helsinki's Mäkelänrinne.

Espoo is a city of science, but the appreciation of art subjects must also be invested in secondary education. The arts enable the application of the sciences, the development of the brain, and general education. Creativity is a nutrient for the development of Espoo-based innovations, creative thinking is not replaced by artificial intelligence and robotics.

In ancient Greece, sport was part of culture. To us, unfortunately, they seem to have opposites because they are fighting for the same societal subsidies.

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Housing and construction

Young families set out to make their dreams come true in neighboring municipalities. We must enable their housing dreams in Espoo.

Nature is an important part of our Espoo. After all, most of the streets and places get their name from nature. The climate crisis is putting pressure on construction, but the huge flat colosses now being built are not in line with natural values, let alone the pride of the next generation. Overpriced homes also end up with investors too often. In detached house areas, there will be many detached houses instead of one detached house. Rents for family homes split too much of net income.

Helsinki is our downtown, and just like in metropolises, the public has quick access to their own homes, small streets, local restaurants and grocery stores. Regional shopping malls offer a wider range of services. The metro cut off too many high-speed bus connections, which eventually favors driving. Kindergartens and schools must be considered "child-sized". Does anyone mom or dad want their child in a giant kindergarten?

Let's develop Espoo in accordance with the values ​​and wishes of the residents and enable the family dreams for those other than just the wealthiest. In decisions and choices, soft values ​​should also be raised alongside the hard ones.

Let's keep Espoo green and family-friendly

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Let's build Finland's most International and Attractive City

As a little girl, I learned what my grandmother Vyborg was like - that multicultural city. She was proud of that. Could Espoo be the most international city in Finland?

Let's develop Espoo to be attractive to new companies, foreign companies and work-related immigration. Companies moving to Espoo are a requisite to the city's ability to pay its debts. After working from home due to Covid-19 pandemic, there must be other incentives than just a short distance to the workplace. Let's create an ecosystem that makes Espoo competitive with the rest of Finland and the world.

Multiculturalism is part of all international cities. Immigrants - both workers and refugees - should be better integrated and more widespread. New Finns must be accepted equally among us. We must work hard against inequality and racism so that we do not end up in the fate of Sweden's gang-torn regions or American territorial bubbles.

An accepting and tolerant atmosphere is also a state of mind that Espoo can develop and support.

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