Nora Grotenfelt


"Helsinki - enabling you to be the most dignified version of yourself."

Helsinki is the place where I was born, where I grew up, and where I live. My family consists of my husband and our three children, aged 10-14. I am a medical doctor and specialist in general practice and primary health care. I am regarded as focused, compassionate, and solution-driven. I am used to responsibility and making decisions based on the best available information.
My passion is jazz music, and especially making music together with others.

For almost one year, I have been working at Laakso Corona Health Center as Chief Physician. Before that, I worked as a General Practitioner at Munkkiniemi health center for several years. I know what works in primary health care and what does not. I want to promote well-functioning solutions in primary health care. All persons living in Helsinki should have equal possibilities to take care of their health.

As the chairman of the board of my children's school, as a member of the board of the parental association for many years, and having worked as a lecturer of natural sciences at Arcada University of Applied Sciences, I have gained a lot of insight into the prerequisites for The Best School.
I want Helsinki to offer high-quality, diverse, and well-functioning education, starting already in pre-school years and going all the way to university level - also in Swedish.

I have spent all my summers in the Finnish archipelago. I have seen the damage caused by environmental changes. I want ecological aspects to be taken into consideration in all decision-making from now on.

My Helsinki is knowledgeable, ambitious, inclusive, and promotes a rich cultural life.

Below, you can read more about my visions.

Name: Nora Grotenfelt
Year of birth: 1977
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Helsinki
Title: Chief Physician, Medical Doctor, Specialist in general practice and primary health care

Important political topics

The best school

High-quality education is our society's most important investment. Our possibilities to realize our full potential is strongly dependent on an easily accessible and diverse educational supply. A broad societal knowledge base is a fundamental prerequisite for a viable democracy.

Thorough knowledge helps us make ethically and ecologically sustainable decisions. We are empowered and motivated to prioritize long-term goals and to resist our inclination toward instant gratification and overconsumption.

The world's biggest problems today are highly complex, and to address them together, we need access to our full intellectual capacity.

Education is close to my heart, as I have found my engagement in my children's school highly rewarding. I have gained great insight into educational matters through my roles as the chairperson of the school's board and as a parental association member. For three years, I have worked as a lecturer in natural sciences at Arcada University of Applied Sciences, and since then, I have taken an interest in university politics.

When it comes to tackling environmental issues, research and innovations are our paths forward. I have been fortunate to enjoy the benefits of the doctoral program of Helsinki University with its extensive network of researchers, which I highly value.

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Young people's well-being

Through my work and reports in media, I am highly aware of young people's health problems. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected young persons in many ways and increased psychological suffering. We need to quickly expand our capacity to help young patients get back on track through accessible health care. Preventive measures need to be further developed and enforced. We need to invent new solutions to meet the growing needs, diminish the suffering on an individual level, and minimize society's costs.

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A pioneer in climate and the environment

What would you like life on Earth to look like in 20 years?

The climate crisis is real and acute. I want climate aspects to be taken into consideration in all decision-making from now on.

Helsinki and Finland have a lot to gain, also economically, by investing in the development of sustainable energy sources and building. Economic advantage is significantly linked to a forerunners' position on the market. We need to act fast and pave the way for ecological innovations and green entrepreneurship.

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