Nina Peltomäki


"Främjande av psykiskt välmående hos ungdomar - yhteistyössä eri ikäryhmien kanssa. "

I am Nina Peltomäki, married to Pekka and living in Gerby. We have two wonderful already grown up children and a dog.

I am a teacher, I work both as an immersion teacher in Swedish for Finnish speaking kids in Länsimetsän koulu and as a teacher in Finnish for adults in Vaasan kansalaisopisto Alma. I´m fully bilingual, so I have two mother tongues, Finnish and Swedish. I have a long work experience but have kept a finger on the pulse both by actively attending education and also by lecturing about education, languages and communication myself.

I want to invest in work that promotes the mental health of children and youth. The young are our future and violent behavior and bullying decreases when they do fine. We need resources to identify and better support work regarding mental health care. It is also important to find reasonable leisure activities and safe meeting places for children and youth.

For some years now I´ve been a member of the Environment committee for the Northern district in Vaasa and as I live in Gerby myself I want to continue to develop especially this area, but also other areas in Vaasa. Co-operation between different age groups could be developed through various projects that promote the comfort on the areas.

Name: Nina Peltomäki
Year of birth: 1970
Municipality: Vaasa
Town: Vaasa
Title: Teacher, MEd

Important political topics

Young people's well-being

There are many factors considering the well-being of the young that adults are not aware of. It´s necessary to identify the factors that have an influence on the indisposition of young people but we also have to find solutions and deal with the problems. Youth is a very eventful and fragile phase of life when so much happens fast. All of the young can not handle all the changes themselves, they need the support of adults.

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Housing and construction

It is important to develop neighbourhoods in a way that makes them functional and comfortable and able to serve all the residents of the municipality regardless age or background. Projects involving people from different age groups can increase comfort and social inclusion.

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