Nina af Hällström


"Let´s enjoy Espoo! The future of this city must be made by its inhabitants!"

I am married and I have five children. I hold a Master's Degree in Political Science. I work for an NGO which advocates for people with disabilities. Throughout my life I have had a keen interest in political issues. Since 2012 I have been actively involved in politics in Espoo and since 2016 I have been a member of the City Council. I like to do sports, especially running and going to the gym. Well-being, safe environments as well as tolerance and acceptance are political priorities for me.

Name: Nina af Hällström
Year of birth: 1963
Municipality: Espoo
Town: Espoo
Title: Executive Director
Phone: +358 45 6503820
Member in:

Important political topics

Housing and construction

Our surroundings and areas where we live have a great impact on our well-being. Our city must have different types of housing models. Mixing models is a good weapon to combat segregation. It is also important that affordable accomodation is available.
In the proximity of suburbs and housing areas, we need green areas and nature. Also in closely built city-like areas we need trees and parks. We need planning and architecture that involves green values.
In the same way we need diversity in transports. The inhabitants must have the possibility to choose between walking, biking, taking the train, metro or bus in a city that is safe and well-planned.

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Healthy residents

Our city´s greatest resource are its inhabitants! Espoo´s success and future is dependent on the people who live here, who are doing well and wish to contribute to the city´s development. Education, free-time activities and availability of social and health services contribute to the level of well-being , in all ages. This is something I want to fight for in Espoo.
High quality education for small children, schools, services for the elderly as well as cultural and sport activities are our priorities. We need inhabitants who are healthy, who wish to stay longer in work life and who have a positive attitude. This is in the interest of the city of Espoo as well as in the interest of its inhabitants.

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Public transport

A well-functioning public transport contributes to the well-being in Espoo. The public transport network must be continuously updated as the city grows. In addition to the metro we need buses, including direct buses to central Helsinki (Kamppi) from various parts of Espoo. We also need more internal buses between the different suburbs of Espoo. The connecting bus services to the metro stations must be improved. It should always be a good alternative for everyone to choose public transport instead of the own car.

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