Katriina Saarnilahti


"Together we can do more for a better Siuntio! Let’s take care of traffic safety and public transport to help our people on their way to school, work and hobbies. We must provide lots of activities and participation for children, youngsters and seniors to avoid the growth of the expenditure of social services in the future. I believe Siuntio has an ample opportunity to fix it."

After being asked to become a candidate for RKP I studied the party program and found it quite acceptable. I have lived in Siuntio from 1997 and for the last three years in Storsvik. In my last permanent position I worked as a client executive and financing specialists in the corporate unit of SEB. After that I worked few years with wind farm developers as financing advisor. I have worked also in England and Sweden. Swedish language is very important for me as it joins us to Nordic countries.

Name: Katriina Saarnilahti
Year of birth: 1950
Municipality: Siuntio
Town: Störsvik
Title: Bachelor of Economic Sciences
Email: katriina.saarnilahti@gmail.com
Phone: 044-9766369

Important political topics

Public transport

Road safety and public transportation are not good enough and sufficient for schoolchildren and people working in Helsinki metropolitan area. Main road 51 splits Siuntio in two parts and all junctions are dangerous. We should demand changes more strongly. And should we have more local trafic options?

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Housing and construction

Störsvik is the most valued area in Siuntio. We must have a representative in the council so that the views of local residents, companies are heard not to mention enviromental values.

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Healthy residents

We need to provide plenty of activities and possibility to community activity for children, yougsters and senior citicens to avoid the growth of social service expenditure in the future. No one should be left alone without personal contact. If the SOTE responsibility is turned to regions we shall use other means to health and social care to reach our people and Siuntio seems to have all opportunities to do it.

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