Johan Johansson


I’m a married dad of two, with more than 25 years of experience in politics on both local and at state level. Although the world has changed a lot during my active years, the basis of my political beliefs haven't altered. I still firmly believe in the individual right to rule over one's decisions in life, and that the biggest assignment for the state is to be able to support the individual with help and care if necessary. One of my most fundamental values is that the government always should prioritize the care it can provide. The ones that need help should always get it, and the standard of care should not be dependable on the size of the individual wallet.

Name: Johan Johansson
Year of birth: 1967
Municipality: Kauniainen
Town: Kauniainen
Title: CEO
Phone: +358404554677

Important political topics

Well-run economy and business

High standard of care and services does, however, not come for free. Thus the importance of a well run and organized economy. A sustainable economy with low taxation and a high standard of service are not two opposites. Even though some politicians and parties happen to think so. In Grankulla it has been proved for many years already that a low taxation and high standard of services, such as daycare, school and elderlycare can coexist

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The best school

The importance of our children can't be underestimated. They are, as the cliche goes, our future. Every penny we spend on our schools and teachers will bring back much more value in the future. A greater or more important investment is impossible to find. In other words, my mission as a politician in Grankulla has been and will be to prioritize fundings for our schools and teachers. Our teachers, no matter level or area of expertise, are one of our most important assets as a growing family-friendly municipality.

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