Jerri Kämpe-Hellenius

"Your advocate for a smooth everyday life."

Kirkkonummi is a good place to live, raise your family and grow old in. I want to build Kirkkonummi so that it will continue to be a great place to live in ... such a small urban rural idyll next to the metropolis. The small house dream life, that is what I want to build in cooperation with you. Detached houses, terraced houses, semi-detached houses are the preferred forms of housing for me, as I’m also the chairman of the board of the Kirkkonummi Small Property Association (KPY) since 2019. My Kirkkonummi will not be another Espoo.

My Kirkkonummi has healthy houses from baby to grandparents, something for which I work as the representative of Kirkkonummi RKP in the Service Production Board this period. In addition, I’m the RKP + KD alliance first deputy councilor of the municipality.

I want to build a celebration out of everyday life - after all, my favorite hashtag is:
#livetärhärochnu – meaning: #thelifeishereandnow

Name: Jerri Kämpe-Hellenius
Year of birth: 1973
Municipality: Kirkkonummi
Phone: 0505613744

Important political topics