Jerri Kämpe-Hellenius


"Your advocate for a smooth everyday life."

Kirkkonummi is a good place to live, raise your family and grow old in. I want to build Kirkkonummi so that it will continue to be a great place to live in ... such a small urban rural idyll next to the metropolis. The small house dream life, that is what I want to build in cooperation with you. Detached houses, terraced houses, semi-detached houses are the preferred forms of housing for me, as I’m also the chairman of the board of the Kirkkonummi Small Property Association (KPY) since 2019. My Kirkkonummi will not be another Espoo.

My Kirkkonummi has healthy houses from baby to grandparents, something for which I work as the representative of Kirkkonummi RKP in the Service Production Board this period. In addition, I’m the RKP + KD alliance first deputy councilor of the municipality.

I want to build a celebration out of everyday life - after all, my favorite hashtag is:
#livetärhärochnu – meaning: #thelifeishereandnow

Name: Jerri Kämpe-Hellenius
Year of birth: 1973
Municipality: Kirkkonummi
Town: Gesterby
Phone: 0505613774

Important political topics

Housing and construction

Urban rural idyll next to the metropolis is what I want to work for.

The plans must be able to go more smoothly and quicker through the statutory process. Kirkkonummi has too many plans under construction and during the upcoming period we will get these ready - I want to work for this.

During this period, among other things due to planning problems, there has been a demanding shortage of small house plots in Kirkkonummi, something we must now ensure that is corrected. Because there are potentially over 900 new plots in the municipality, but only if we get the plans approved and the municipal technology built. Kirkkonummi must be able to offer plots to those who want to come and build their homes here.

Although I want to increase the emphasis on single-family house construction, it is versatile construction that we will have in Kirkkonummi and of course the construction emphasis will be on the larger centers and at the train stops and this is good for public transport purposes. But you should also be able to live and work in sparsely populated areas.

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Well-run economy and business

With the investment plan Kirkkonummi now must do the economy is very strained and we all must really emphasize the importance of working together for a common good to keep it in balance.

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Public transport

With ca 20 years of experience using public transport while living in Espoo, I know what public transport can be at its best. Unfortunately, same solutions don’t work in Evitskog as in Pasila and for these reasons, public transport has always been a matter I want to work for. HSL urgently needs a transport philosophy for sparsely populated areas.

In Kirkkonummi, internal traffic must primarily provide service for school transports, but at the same time we must make these lines synchronized to go together with trains and bus traffic to capital area. Fast connections to Espoo and Helsinki are a must in public transport from both central and northern Kirkkonummi.

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