Janina Heina


"I would like to give our children and youth a safe and rewarding environment. To secure secondary schooling in our city. With everything we do, we have to cherish our nature."

I´m a 39-year old mother of two boys. Me and my partner also have a rescue dog. I have always been quite an active person, since a young age I have had many hobbies like scouting, handball, soccer and floorball. Of these sports, soccer and floorball, has taken me on many unforgettable adventures with many good friends. I´m still an active scout, now being a scout leader for ten young children. I have also been active in some other associations for some years, like Centralskolans Hem och Skola, Hanko Omakotiyhdistys and Fc HIK.

Now, after thinking about this for ten years, it´s time to try something new.

Name: Janina Heina
Year of birth: 1981
Municipality: Hanko
Town: Hanko
Title: Warehouseworker
Email: heina.janina@gmail.com

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