Jan-Anders "Jonte" Fagerhed


"I want to work on a broad front to develop our independent Larsmo. Everyone should feel well both physically and mentally. The infrastructure and economy must be in good condition and we must protect and preserve our fine environment both on land and at sea. "

I was born and raised in Fagernäs and have lived there since 1998 with my wife Minna and our dogs and cats. We have two adult sons and I'm a happy grandfather. I work at Walki in Jakobstad, mainly with technical customer service and product development. I have been researcher, environmental and quality manager in previous jobs. I'm graduated Master of Science in chemical engineering.
I have many hobbies; music is important, I play trumpet and I am the guy behind Föusjazz. I like to work in forest and hiking in nature. Boating as well as cooking are also my hobbies.
I am interested in societal development and especially in environmental issues, circular economy and infrastructure. These are also the things I want to work with and contribute with my technical knowledge and long work experience. As a counterpoint to my "technical self", I also want to work with culture and sports and especially with young people.
I'm not afraid to say my opinion. I like to have "several irons in the fire" and want to get things done.

Name: Jan-Anders "Jonte" Fagerhed
Year of birth: 1960
Municipality: Larsmo
Town: Larsmo
Title: Technical customer service, development & sales manager. MSc. Chem.Eng.
Email: fagerhed@gmail.com
Phone: 0405852720

Important political topics

A pioneer in climate and the environment

I want Larsmo to be a pioneer in environmental issues, circular economy and climate-smart solutions. We must protect our beautiful archipelago and preserve our biodiversity both on land and at sea. We should use renewable energy, especially in heating. In our planning and construction, we must always consider the environment and sustainability must be promoted, both in terms of building materials and energy use. We need well-functioning and sensible recycling, reuse and waste management with enough collection points.

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Functional infrastructure

We must have smart geotechnical solutions, but always take our environment into account when expanding our infrastructure. We need well-maintained and safe roads in all seasons in all villages in the municipality. More light traffic routes should be built, but when these are done, sensitive and cultural-historical environments must be taken into account.

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Well-run economy and business

Larsmo has a well-managed economy, which is a basic prerequisite for a functioning everyday life in the municipality. We must make sure that this continues. The municipal and real estate tax must be realistic and restrained. Larsmo must live in the present, and without prejudice dare to renew itself. The municipality must be an active party when it comes to innovations and business start-ups for the local business community. Viable primary industries must be encouraged and supported to provide added value both locally and nationally. The good work that has already been done must continue.

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