Hans Våg



I have decided to enter as a candidate in the local elections, because I have concerns about the city finances, the resources for education, and also healthcare and as well about the development of the business environment.
Our future lies in the hands of our children. Their education is the best investment we can make.
I am 51-years old. married and I have three children and two dogs.
I work for the University of Turku as a Development specialist.

Name: Hans Våg
Year of birth: 1970
Municipality: Raisio
Town: Ihala
Title: Development Specialist, MSc
Email: hansvag@gmail.com

Important political topics

Well-run economy and business

We want cooperation between municipalities and trade and industry to be smooth to ensure the best possible conditions for investment and entrepreneurial activities. Robust industries create employment and generate added value both locally and nationally.
We want to promote smart cities and municipalities. Municipalities must open doors for innovation.

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Upper secondary school and vocational training

The school must be based on contact teaching. Distance education can function as a complement, on special grounds. Both contact and distance education must be provided sustainably and equally. Every child must have access to good teaching materials – whether traditional or digital.
Cooperation between vocational education and workplaces is important, but a good balance between on-the-job learning and theoretical teaching must be ensured.
We will continue to invest in high-quality upper secondary education

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Entrepreneurship and employment

We believe that zoning and land use should support the founding of companies and the development of trade and industry.
We wish to secure municipalities’ ability to make considerable investments in growth.
We want to strengthen cooperation between companies in municipalities and ideally in entire regions.
We want to ensure that higher education policies take into account the municipalities’ and regions’ long-term needs for competence and workforce.

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