Gunilla Löfstedt-Söderholm


"Experienced, responsive and determined voice for a safe and pleasant small town where the wellbeing of both seniors and the youth is important"

I have lived in Kauniainen for more than 40 years. I appreciate the life of a small community close to the nature and with a rich variety of cultural and sport activities.
I will focus on matters related both to the wellbeing of seniors as well as our younger inhabitants.
During my professional life I have had the opportunity to get a wide knowledge of journalism and communication. As a manager at Yle:s News TV-department and as Head of communications at SLS I got a vast experience in management and leadership.
As recently retired I have found many new activities in Kauniainen ,ie. vice chairman in Grankulla svenska pensionärer and board member in Grankulla svenska kulturförening.
In my hobbies I enjoy sport activities. Furthermore I enjoy staying with the family, including grandchildren, in the archipelago.

Name: Gunilla Löfstedt-Söderholm
Year of birth: 1953
Municipality: Kauniainen
Town: Kauniainen
Title: M.Sc.

Important political topics