Fredrik Jensén


"With cooperation and optimism into the future!"

I am an optimistic guy, living in Lielax, a nice area in the northern part of Parainen. I would like to be part of the team working together to develop the whole archipelago area and the municipality of Parainen.
I have worked as a nurse for about 20 years with services provided to people with intellectual dissabilities, before that I worked in the hospitality business on a cruise ship. Currently I study for a Masters degree in Public Administration in Åbo Akademi University.
I believe that local policy making is developing towards beeing more open and inclusive, together we can solve economical challanges and other collective problems we are facing in the future.
As I see it, we live in one of the most attractive regions in the country. Habitants, part-time habitants and guests enjoy life here. Please, check out my "politics- profile" on Facebook, where I will post my thoughts about different questions and issues. Also note that SFP:s general election program is available in English on this site!

Name: Fredrik Jensén
Year of birth: 1979
Municipality: Pargas
Town: Parainen
Title: Nurse, Degree of Bachelor of Political Science