Eva-Maria (Mia) Lindström


"Culture, education and learning. Learning isn't just for the classroom - it can happen anywhere. By cooperation between the schools and other learning institutions, the labour market, civic society and the culture sector, we can increase employment among the people of Raseborg. "

I am a teacher and a guide with a strong interest in education, culture and tourism. Why? Because I believe that they are different aspects of the same thing!
I live in Karis since 2010 and enjoy it very much, but my roots are in the archipelago area around Turku.
It would be great to develop a close(r) relationship between the fields of education, culture, tourism and civic society, for the benefit of the personal development and skills of the people in Raseborg... thus also increasing employment and well-being.

Name: Eva-Maria (Mia) Lindström
Year of birth: 1974
Municipality: Raseborg

Important political topics


Culture, education and learning belong together and can be combined!
As with education, culture is supposed to be for everybody and anybody, visitors and inhabitants alike. Raseborg has a lot to offer for everybody, whether you are staying or just here for a short visit.
You can either have culture brought to you or venture out into it. Both ways work, but the latter gives you more.
In times of crisis we need culture more than ever – let's find a way to ensure culture workers will have a guaranteed income.

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The best school

Learning isn't exclusively the province of the classroom and by going outside, you can use all your senses in your learning process. And if you manage to include some social interaction and laughter, chances are that you will remember your lesson longer!
Too often liberal education (folk high schools and community centers) and their didactic methods are neglected in society today, even though they have so much to offer in regards to learning, training and providing experiences.

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