Emma Ringbom


"Helsinki exists for its inhabitants!"

I am a scout and engineer from Töölö who wants to work for a well-functioning, safe and welcoming city.

Complementary construction in Helsinki should benefit the residents, not investment companies, and should respect cultural and environmental values. I want to see construction that gives residents access to services, e.g. libraries, health centers, schools, convenience stores and cultural institutions, in their own neighborhoods. Let us also evaluate the situation after the corona pandemic and see what the Helsinki of the future should be like - I do not think we need more huge offices complexes, especially not in the most valuable places in the city. Those places must be accessible to everyone - regardless of profession or income level.

All children have the right to adult support, a rewarding hobby, quick help when needed and a safe upbringing. We must ensure that the resources in schools and within health care are sufficient! Helsinki should be a safe city to live in - around the clock and all year round, regardless of age, gender, mother tongue or sexual orientation.

Our green areas in Helsinki are extremely important for securing residents' access to nature - close to home. The areas promote our mental and physical health, while making the city pleasant and vibrant. Culture also contributes to Helsinki remaining interesting and attractive. I want to secure the appropriations for e.g. theaters and museums and offer creative spaces in the city for artists.

Helsinki has always been a multilingual capital - so I want it to remain now and in the future. Integration should be possible in both Finnish and Swedish and labor migrants should be supported more effectively.

Together we can build a Helsinki that we can be proud of and that is strong in the future as well!

Helsinki resident since 1991.

I live in Taka-Töölö with my husband and our corgi. We are often seen walking around Seurasaari, in the central park or on adventures in the Helsinki archipelago. Come and pull me by the sleeve if you happen to see me in town so we can discuss issues close to your heart.

Name: Emma Ringbom
Year of birth: 1991
Municipality: Helsinki
Member in: