Charlotta Rosenlöf


"For the well-being of families. With responsibility for the climate and the environment. For the equal value of everyone."

I'm Charlotta, born, raised and settled in Sulva with husband, two children and our cat. I'm currently working in a delishop and studying a Master in Social Politics. Family and friends are very important to me. Exercise, books, nature and food are my hobbies.

During my original studies I've lived in Turk and abroad, but I've always known I will settle in Ostrobothnia. This is where my whole family is, this is where my whole heart is. I've always had an interest in society, and now is the time for me to try and affect the development through municipal politics.

I hope You will contact me with any questions or thoughts. We build the society together!

Name: Charlotta Rosenlöf
Year of birth: 1989
Municipality: Korsholm
Town: Sulva
Title: Bachelor of Biology, sales person
Member in:

Important political topics

The world’s most child-friendly country

By helping our families to cope with everyday life just a little better, we will create safer home conditions for the children and greater possibilities for them to grow and prosper. That's how Finland will become world's most child-friendly country.

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Climate-smart municipality

Measures to slow down global warming and all climate change follows must be a priority in Mustasaari. They must be integrated in every political decision in the municipality so that a climate impact assessment is available as a basis in the process. I want all operation of the municipality to reflect climate-smart choices in everyday life and for the municipality to facilitate the residents' climate- and environment-friendly choices. Specifically, it is about building in wood,promote different types of green areas, planning for different sustainable forms of energy and working for increased reuse of materials, among other things.

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I believe all people are equally worth, no matter background, skin colour, age, sex, heritage, sexual preference, functional ability, social status, religion et cetera. All people are born free and equal.

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