Carola Juselius


"Council and villages. Together. With me"

My name is Carola Juselius, born in Hindsby/Sipoo 1968 and now living in Kirkonkylä/Sipoo with my family. At home lives my husband, two children and a dog. Our two older children have already moved away. I like to play PokemonGo and do ice swimming. I speak finnish with my husband and swedish with my children. For some reason our dog only takes commands in finnish :)
I am working for "soft human values". Everybody needs to feel they are wanted and loved. I really believe that if the surrounding, we live in, is nice, we all like the place much more.
First time I am a candidate in this election

Name: Carola Juselius
Year of birth: 1968
Municipality: Sipoo
Town: Kirkonkylä/Kyrkoby
Title: Data protecting
Phone: 040 772 71 33
Member in:

Important political topics


Since Sipoo is caring about all the people, I would like to make sure we have enough nurses to take care of seniors at their home. As long as a person can live at home, the better. But council needs to provide service for this. Also I would like to see senior friendly parks everywhere in Sipoo.

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Healthy residents

Culture is the reason for living! Gives us the extra for the day. Everybody needs some kind of culture: children, youths, adults, seniors, men and women, male and female. Culture should be offered as long as possible for free. It does not always need to be like Guggenheim, we are OK with just a small studio ;)

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Young people's well-being

Council should provide different kind of sportclubs for children/youth/adults. This could be in co-operation with villages and the third sector. Council need to provide the possibility and then third sector can do the admin. This would keep youngsters busy and also make it easier for everybody to get to know new people.

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