Bosse Lönnqvist


"A healthy youth makes the future!"

"Born and bred in Espoo - with a feeling for our roots." I want to work for a good start in life for our children and youth. This means investments in early childhood education, school, support resources and everything needed to guarantee a safe childhood in our beautiful city. It also includes an economy in balance - we do not want to leave our problems to the future generations!

My family includes my wife and two fantastic youngsters (18 and 22 years) and our dog Vera, a 10-year-old Lagotto. We enjoy summertime in Barösund in the Inkoo archipelago and during the winters we try to make downhill skiing at least a few times.

I have now been involved in the city council committee work for a little over 8 years and as a city council member for 4 years. I would be very happy to continue that work. Honesty, openness and tolerance are my watchwords.

Name: Bosse Lönnqvist
Year of birth: 1965
Municipality: Espoo
Town: Westend
Title: MSc Tech, Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 045 112 4090

Important political topics

The best school

Adequate resources for the entire learning path are needed - from early childhood education to high school or vocational education is a key to well-being and a good society.

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Young people's well-being

Taking care of our youth, especially in the transitions between different stages of life (primary school-high/vocational school, high/vocational school-working life or further studies) is now more important than ever. These young people are the ones who build our future society.

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Well-run economy and business

We must get our economy into balance. We must reduce or even remove heavy investment projects that are neither economically nor ecologically sustainable. We must ensure that the business community sees Espoo as an attractive place to establish itself and that access to a skilled workforce is good. The most important key to a balanced economy is a high employment rate. I say a definite NO to higher taxes.

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