Unnur Bjarnadóttir


"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. - Albert Einstein."

I was born and raised in Iceland but moved to Finland in the autumn of 2017. I live in Monäs, with my husband and two teenage girls. I have four children, two stepchildren and one grandchild.
Since the spring of 2018 I have worked as a school assistant and eftisledare and have just finished my degree in pedagogisk verksamhet och handledning.
I have been an active member in different associations during the time I have lived here in Finland. Have been a board member in the Hem och Skola association in Hirvlax for two years and is the current secretary of Jakobstadsnejden's Rheumatism Association.

Name: Unnur Bjarnadóttir
Year of birth: 1978
Municipality: Nykarleby
Town: Monäs
Title: Skolgångsbiträde (klass assistant)
Email: ubjarnadottir@gmail.com