Siv Jansson


"The best positive phenomenon in Nurmijärvi is the Swedish daycare and school! "

I am an active and committed person who grew up in Vantaa but has lived in Nurmijärvi since 1997. I have worked in both the private and municipal sectors. For a long time in the travel industry and later in further education. Today I work for Nurmijärvi municipality at the community centre Monikko. I am active in association life and was chairman of the Swedish association in Nurmijärvi for 15 years. An important issue for me is to ensure that the day-care and school both in Swedish and Finnish function appropriately in the municipality. School and education, children and young people, well-being and climate issues are important for me.

Name: Siv Jansson
Year of birth: 1966
Municipality: Nurmijärvi
Town: Nurmijärvi
Title: Service Manager, Chief workplace steward

Important political topics