Patrik Björkman


"Populated villages - for a viable and sustainable development in the rural aread"

A villager of Norra Vallgrund, 40 year old where I have lived most of my life.
Active in studentunions, youth organizations & sports organizations.
My passion for vital villages, a just distributed service that's located near to the inhabitants (for example: day care & schools) got me into politics the last period in defence of the mentioned examples. Since these topics and services are still under threat from centralism, I'm making myself available another period in hope to work towards this important goal!
Centralizing units should only occur when its logical, not when it depletes us, and there are other equal viable options to pursue.
We can offer charming residential areas in Korsholm and should focus on expanding infrastructure and related services here - and maintain these possibilities in the best way.

Also we should make sure we can work against unnecessary forced expropriation and brutish preservations of areas, in what options we have as local politicans. I'm also a supporter of decreasing the cormorant bird population & other invasive species to promote a diverse environment and avoid destruction. Also the wolf that gets too close to population needs to be taken action against.
No fan of the political "all or nothing" or "demolish or build new" way of think, when there are other & more flexible options to be had.

Name: Patrik Björkman
Year of birth: 1980
Municipality: Korsholm
Town: Norra Vallgrund
Title: Entrepreneur, Brewer
Phone: 0403524297

Important political topics

The best school

In the case of Korsholm, our schools are located close to the population. Korsholm offers basic education and there are no base for claims that we need large entities to succeed there. "Back to the basics" with the 20+ students for a viable school.

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Functional infrastructure

More action from Korsholm in areas like building bicycle lanes & foot roads in the whole municipality, widening of roads in the areas where they are narrow in villages. Local examples: The road to & through Björköby village, the road through Södra Vallgrund - finish the bicycle path to Replot. Priorities the plan of new bicycle paths.

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There is no secret the best way to tackle & prevent illness is to not get them. We are overloaded with scientific evidence how important exercise & sports are for public health and to keep basic disease in check. Korsholm should again offer grass cutting in the sports areas they handed over to local organizations, and also see how we can "activate" areas further in form of example supervised powerwalks for senior citizens.

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