Mathew Mailaparampil


"Working with you for change"

Mathew Mailaparampil is a member of the Swedish People's Party of Finland - SFP. He is a candidate in the municipal elections in Espoo. He has a Master of Science (Technology) degree, Diplomi-insinööri in Finnish. Mathew has also been an entrepreneur. He lives in Laaksolahti with his wife Catherine and 5 children. Mathew and Catherine work in the ICT industry.

Mathew Mailaparampil was born in India and is a dual citizen of Finland and France. He arrived in Finland 20 years ago as a student. After a few years in the University of Technology as researcher, Mathew moved to Nokia Mobile Phones where he worked in various roles. Later, he started his own ventures, as an entrepreneur, in the fields of digital technology and real estate. He is also associated with fundraising activities and innovation projects. During this period, he found the policies and values of the Swedish People’s Party of Finland (SFP) align with his ethos. For this reason, he is standing for election, as a candidate of SFP, for the city council of Espoo and is looking forward to "working with you for change".

Name: Mathew Mailaparampil
Year of birth: 1976
Municipality: Espoo
Town: Laaksolahti
Title: Master of Science (Technology), DI
Phone: 0400342986

Important political topics

Entrepreneurship and employment

In 2020, almost 500 international companies entered or expanded in Finland, and most of them are located in the capital region. In spite of international investments, unemployment remains high in Espoo, especially among non-natives.

Espoo can become the silicon valley of the Nordic if right steps are taken in encouraging entrepreneurship and job creation. I believe that talent is abundant in Finland but opportunity is not evenly distributed.

With a diverse work experience - my former employers include Nokia Mobile Phones, the University and startups - I am also aware of the shortcomings of the employment and funding agencies. In addition, I am well-acquainted with hurdles faced by entrepreneurs in Finland.

The Swedish People’s Party of Finland (SFP) believes in the importance of even distribution of opportunities and this begins from municipal level. Municipal employment services must work effectively so that job-seekers get job offers as quickly as possible. Municipalities led by the SFP often enjoy a better employment situation than many others. SFP also wants municipalities to actively promote work-related immigration.

As municipal councillor, I will work towards levelling the opportunity gap and reducing unemployment.

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The world’s most child-friendly country

The Corona pandemic has widened the gap between the privileged and the underprivileged. It has also complicated several existing problems. As a parent of 5 children, attending different schools in Espoo and Helsinki, I have a good grasp on the functioning of Finnish and International schools and the gaps that need to be levelled.

The Swedish People’s Party of Finland (SFP) believes in an educational system that gives everyone opportunities to develop. SFP believes that schools are the key to Finland’s success.

Schools must be given enough resources and funds allocated for schools in Espoo should be fully utilised.

Children with special needs must be diagnosed early. Flexible curriculum should be created, wherever necessary, so all children feel cherished as part of society.

As municipal councillor, I will work towards providing a safe environment for children to thrive along with safeguarding the bilingual status and promoting the use of English.

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Healthy residents

The Swedish People’s Party of Finland (SFP) believes in smart cities and encourages innovations. SFP believes in achieving carbon neutrality in Finland by 2030, which is 5 years ahead of the national target.

As an entrepreneur, I have experience in cooperating with smart cities abroad and I believe Espoo has the potential at becoming a pioneer in utilising smart solutions, especially in the transportation sector. More subsidies need to be given to home-owners and businesses for achieving carbon neutrality.

The pandemic has also enlarged the skill set gaps that exist among young people. Necessary help needs to be given before it is too late.

SFP strives to make the daily lives of families with children as smooth and easy as possible.

Espoo’s services should be more innovative and accessible to all communities.

As municipal councillor, I will work towards providing adequate support services to all sections of society.

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