Marlena Laurén


"The future and well-being of young people in a pleasant municipality"

I moved to Pargas in 2004. Since then I have enjoyed staying here. We have two children and a grandchild. That is why the children´s future and safe schooling are important to me. As a family mother I have been able to combine work and family life. I want to participate in the life of the municipality and work for a bilingual Finland. In my free time I prefer to be out in nature and in the archipelago

Name: Marlena Laurén
Year of birth: 1973
Municipality: Pargas
Town: Pargas
Title: PR Bachelor, Hairdresser

Important political topics

The best school

The best school is the one where the children and young people thrive are safe. All children have the right to an education where the student´s individual needs are taken into account. The best school provides every opportunity for children succeed in life.

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Integration services are becoming increasingly important for our municipalities, and they must function well to ensure that newcomers to Finland feel part of society. Municipalities must improve the quality of integration services offered to newcomers outside the labour market.

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An important factor in children´s well-being is hobby activities. Everyone should have meaningful leisure time and versatile activities. That is why I want that everyone have the opportunity to play sports or develop their cultural activities.

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