Laila Andersson


"Educational issues are close to my heart. Sjundeå has all the possibilities for high class education both In swedish ja finnish when our new education and wellfare center is ready to go. It is important for Sjundeå to find synergies and through concentrating the activities it is considerably easier. We have be better widely in cooperation. I want to work to develope public transport so that you can live and commute without a car in Sjundeå. I want at the same time develope road network In Sjundeå and incease safety at the road 51 "

I am running In municipal elections as candidate for SFP in Sjundeå. I have lived 25 in Sjundeå. My children have grown up and my parents grown old here.

Name: Laila Andersson
Year of birth: 1966
Municipality: Siuntio
Town: Sjundeå
Title: CEO/ Principal
Phone: 0504140311
Member in: