Isak Westerlund


"Equality, humanity and the courage to plan for the future."

Married, middleaged father of three, cat- and dogowner with a passion for two-wheels and engines. Living in Korsholm since 20 years. Teacher with an interest for everything human.

Name: Isak Westerlund
Year of birth: 1976
Municipality: Korsholm
Town: Smedsby/Korsholm
Title: Teacher
Phone: 0445178483

Important political topics


A society that treats all equally and grants everyone equal opportunities regardless of gender, nationality, language or similar is the foundation for an inclusive and thriving society.

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Climate-smart municipality

A good environment is important to all things living. Korsholm and Vasa have many things to offer locally, nationally and internationally. To work for the climate and environment is an opportunity we should not miss.

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