Henrik Solin


""Use the time you´re given, cherish your life, protect the world around you." In Finland we grow up and live our lives privileged in many ways compared to other countries. Lieto is no exception to this. I believe it´s natural and right to strive for a secure and problem free life for ourselves and our nearest, as long as one chooses to utilize the resources we possess without harming nature or people. "

Born, bred and educated in Turku, I then moved to Kaarina, where I was politically active representing SFP and also got elected to the local council in the 1996 elections.
I have spent more than forty years in business, the second half of my professional career working as CEO of a small company in Lahti.
My strengths are languages, I have analytical capacity, can keep my calm and have learned to negotiate with people.
Having returned to this part of the country, I´m now enjoying life and trying to adapt to retirement in the vicinity of beautiful lake Littois togetherwith my wife and a dog. My children are grown-ups, grandchild nr 10 is on her way.

Name: Henrik Solin
Year of birth: 1952
Municipality: Lieto
Town: Lieto
Title: CEO/retired
Email: henrikmsolin@gmail.com
Phone: 0503676150
Member in:

Important political topics

Well-run economy and business

This is absolutely vital and the sole guarantee that we can generate enough tax money to maintain the vast spectre of services provided to citizens today.

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Climate-smart municipality

Finally and fortunately a growing part of the population has come to realize that our responsibility for our community and nature is increasing as mankind figures out new ways of adding to our wellbeing. We need to be alert and implement more sustainable methods as they become available and viable.

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To me equality is mutual respect and integrity for and between people, irrespective of gender, opinions or agenda within the limits of our law and commonly approved behaviour.

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