Harriet Francis-Ehnholm


"Wellbeing, Belonging, Access for all"

As a mother of four and a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in child and adolescent mental health and the science of wellbeing, I am invested in helping to make Grankulla a place where families and individuals can thrive. I want to ensure that all children, teenagers and adults in our community have easy access to the health, educational and support services that they need.

With the end of the pandemic hopefully in sight, we have a lot of work to do to make sure that children, young people, families and individuals who have suffered and been marginalised by the effects of COVID are supported and can recover mentally and emotionally. I believe that it is up to us as a community to make this important work happen, and I want to help shape Grankulla’s decision and policy making around this.

Originally from the UK, I understand what it’s like to be a foreigner in Finland, and what it takes to assimilate into the country, culture and Grankulla itself, while keeping hold of my own cultural identity and traditions. I therefore feel passionate about finding more ways to celebrate this increasingly diverse community, and how we welcome everybody into it. We need to ensure that everybody feels that they belong, as belonging is key to a safe, happy and functional community.

Name: Harriet Francis-Ehnholm
Year of birth: 1977
Municipality: Kauniainen
Town: Grankulla
Title: Dr (DClinPsy)

Important political topics


Research in positive psychology shows us that markers of “wellbeing” e.g. a good work-life balance; compassion for ourselves and others; connection; a growth mindset; and access to catalysts of physical, mental and spiritual health lead to greater life satisfaction, self-esteem and social cohesiveness. Grankulla already has many services and opportunities that increase individual and community wellbeing. With my background in wellbeing science and positive psychology, I am interested in helping Grankulla further develop these services and initiatives for all ages, and increasing access to all.

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Healthy residents

It is clear that COVID has had a huge and negative psychological and health impact on many children, young people, adults and families. Experts who work in mental health and social care are already warning of the long-term health and social consequences of this. As a result, I believe there will be much work to do over the coming years to address these issues. I believe that these can start to be addressed by good local policy and decision making, as well our community working together. I feel that with my professional expertise, I am in a position to help guide this policy making.

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The population in Grankulla has become increasingly diverse in the last ten years. Originally from the UK, I understand about the factors that lead to successful integration into a community and society. I would therefore like to act as a voice for those who are undergoing this process. As a community we are all responsible for the process of inclusion and integration. This means recognising and respecting our differences, but also celebrating them. If everyone feels that they belong, and can safely express what is uniquely them, this leads to a more cohesive, happier, functional and safer community.

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