Eva Lillmangs


"Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later."

I like when I can influence, which is why I am now making myself available in the local elections in 2021, for the third time. I feel that I am not quite done with my job in politics in Kristinestad yet. I still have something to give! I want to be involved and ensure that everyone can have a safe and above all a functioning society to live in.

On a daily basis, I work with marketing and keep marketing as a very important part of the puzzle, to make our municipality an attractive municipality for both entrepreneurs, tourism and the population. Positivity is A and O - spread the good, stop dwelling on the negative, look ahead!

Name: Eva Lillmangs
Year of birth: 1974
Municipality: Kristinestad
Town: Lappfjärd
Title: Brand Developer
Email: eva.lillmangs@gmail.com
Phone: 0407721929