Clas-Håkan Nyman


"Pay attention to us from Östersundom! We want to build a functional society together with the city of Helsinki and want our opinions to be taken into consideration when deciding about future plans of the city"

I am a citizen of Helsinki for the 4th generation, now living in Östersundom for 31 years. During the time when Östersundom belonged to Sibbo I was a member of the council for 12 years working with different matters that involved the community.

My education is civil-engineer and before retirement I worked in leading-positions of different companies, mainly involved in technical products.
As retired I am avaible and dedicated to work for my passion of Östersundom!

Name: Clas-Håkan Nyman
Year of birth: 1953
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Helsinki
Title: retired civil-engeneer

Important political topics