Chatarina Doktar


"I believe in a modern city of Vaasa where education, collaboration and innovation are in focus!"

Like many other young individuals in Österbotten I moved to Vaasa to study. I have a vocational degree in tourism, diet and economics. After a gap year of working and trying to find my carrierpath I applied to study educational leadership and youth science at Åbo Akademi University. After a short time away from Vaasa, I moved back to the city and live here with my fiance and our 2-year-old child.

I have always been interested in society and being part of societal development. For several years now, I have been active in the district board for Svensk Ungdom i Österbotten. I am especially interested in education, the countryside, sustainability and the environment.

I want to be part of and continue the development of a modern Vaasa where education, cooperation and innovation are in focus!

Name: Chatarina Doktar
Year of birth: 1992
Municipality: Vaasa
Town: Vaasa
Title: (M.Ed.) Business Manager
Member in:

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