Andreas Peltola


Andreas, 28 years old.
I live in Eugmo together with my wife, son, and a dog.
Graduated engineer in industrial management, working as a project manager. Previously, I also have a Chef de Cuisine vocational degree. As a person I am reliable, determined, and ambitious. Community involvement is something I find interesting and that is why I am a candidate in the election.

Name: Andreas Peltola
Year of birth: 1992
Municipality: Larsmo
Town: Eugmo
Title: Project Manager, enigneer
Member in:

Important political topics

The best school

Early childhood education and elementary school are two very important building blocks for the future, and the second national language should be introduced in early age. The school environment and the school road shall be safe for everyone, and no one should have to be bullied.

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Well-run economy and business

In Larsmo there are close to 300 private operating companies today, through these we secure our conditions to operate. A good collaboration between the municipality and the companies creates opportunities for entrepreneurship and investments.

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