Andreas Elfving


"Working together for an even better Ingå"

I'm 47 - married with three kids, currently serving my second term in the Municipal Council. The last 4 years I've been a member of the Executive Board (kommunstyrelsen, kunnanhallitus) and the Board of Education (bildnings- och välfärdsnämnden, sivistys- ja hyvinvointilautakunta). We've seen many positive things in Ingå in the near past and we have several great projects that are moving forward - Ingåport, Strand and new neighborhoods. I am also happy to see Kyrkfjärdens skola, the Swedish elementary school, finally get its much needed renewal.

Ingå is a perfectly located town - right by the ocean, and with a vibrant countryside. I want to continue to work to make it even better - Ingå should be the best municipality there is!

Name: Andreas Elfving
Year of birth: 1973
Municipality: Ingå
Town: Degerby
Title: Head of Policy

Important political topics