Alma Portin


"A climate-smart, healthy and educated Helsinki"

Hi my name is Alma Portin and I am currently studying my second year in Gymnasiet Lärkan. I live on Lauttasaari and have two younger siblings. Iv'e been active in EYP -European Youth Parliment and I am inrested in global politics. I am also a part of the enviromental comitee of RKP-nuoret.

Name: Alma Portin
Year of birth: 2003
Municipality: Helsinki
Title: Student
Phone: 0413102744
Member in:

Important political topics

The best school

Education is the foundation of everything. This is why I want Helsinki to invest in education.

Regardless of where you live, what socio-economic status or what background you have, you should have the right to a good education. It is important that weaker students receive the support they need. Through more assistants, resource teachers and smaller groups.

Students shall have the opportunity to go and talk to a counselor or psychologist during school hours if necessary. Schools need more student care services in the form of counselors and psychologists. At all stages, there should be at least one counselor and one psychologist. Larger schools should not share psychologists but they should have their own.

Younger students should also have the opportunity for good afternoon care and possible morning care. There should be more free afternoon employment for elementary school students. The school needs be a safe place for the students and all students regardless of gender, ethnicity, etc. must be treated and assessed in the same way.

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Climate-smart municipality

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of the century. Helsinki must therefore focus on what we can do.

In order for the municipality to be as climate-smart as possible, we need to focus on having a good infrastructure, such as ensuring sustainable buildings, having well-functioning public transport and also a well-functioning bicycle path network. It is also important that Helsinki preserves the remaining green areas in order to maintain biodiversity and because they are important for recreational areas for the city's citizen. It is also important that we strive for a carbon-neutral Helsinki by 2030.

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Healthy residents

For a municipality to function, it is important that its inhabitants feel well.

Everyone who lives in Helsinki has the right to feel good, both physically and mentally. As more and more people feel stressed and more feel exhausted or are at risk of becoming exhausted, it is important to focus on preventing mental illness, you must ensure that there are enough people that young people can turn to if they feel stressed. and that there are enough psychologists so that you can get help and care faster. Several psychologists would lower the bar to seek help and in several cases even prevent more serious problems. When you seek help, you should get an initial consultation within a week. One's financial status should not stand in the way of good mental health.

Helsinki must also ensure that health care services are accessible to all.

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