Barbro Sandvik


"It should be good to reside in Pedersöre. "

I reside in Sandsund since 30 years, and have always liked it here. I have three grown-up children. I work as a teacher and am responsible for the Base Camp program at Kronoby folk high school, Kvarnen. Base Camp is a 10th grade program, where many youngsters have found their way in life. I like to spend my free time out in the nature. Gardening and renovating are also things I enjoy. I also like dancing, since it’s a good way to exercise. I am innovative as a person and purposeful in my work. I like working in teams, since the best results are made together. I stand as a candidate in the municipal elections because I want to be a part of ensuring that our municipality becomes an even better place to live.

Name: Barbro Sandvik
Year of birth: 1959
Municipality: Pedersöre
Town: Pedersöre
Title: Teacher
Phone: +358503432889

Important political topics