Anatoly Lvov


"Be active, be yourself, respect the local, Vantaa for all of us - vote for Anatoly LVOV #whoisLvov"

I am Anatoly Lvov and I am a candidate for the Municipal Elections in Vantaa in 2021, representing RKP. I came to Finland almost 10 years ago from St. Petersburg.. Now I have Finnish citizenship, in other words, I am a new Finn.

Now I am taking active steps forward to influence the local environment we live in. I want Finland to remain a democratic country where all cultural and language groups live together in harmony.

Language is wealth and it is the key idea that made me interested in RKP. Because the RKP is the best example for the society of how different language groups can live together.

Now I live in Vantaa, which is the most international municipality in Finland. Here, together, we need to find a sufficient way to communicate with each other. I am an active new Finn, and I know that I'm not the only one. Therefore #whoisLvov

Name: Anatoly Lvov
Year of birth: 1989
Municipality: Vantaa
Town: Vantaa
Title: PhDc to Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration), M.Sc. International Business

Important political topics