A well-managed economy and the best possible conditions for trade and industry

The economies of municipalities are strained, and the coronavirus pandemic has further exacerbated the situation. We wish to emphasise the importance of our values under these difficult economic conditions. A well-managed municipal economy provides the best possible conditions for smooth daily operations in the municipality. Municipalities play a key role in the health and social services reform but also in the creation of the foremost operating conditions for local businesses and industry.

  • We want cooperation between municipalities and trade and industry to be smooth to ensure the best possible conditions for investment and entrepreneurial activities. Robust primary industries create employment and generate added value both locally and nationally. Municipalities led by the Swedish People’s Party of Finland often enjoy a better employment situation than many others. The good work put in so far must have the chance to continue.
  • To boost employment, we must adopt measures on various levels. Municipal employment services must work effectively so that job-seekers get job offers as quickly as possible.
  • As concerns municipal and real estate tax, we support a moderate tax policy that prevents the levels of taxation from rising too high.
  • We believe that zoning and land use should support the founding of companies and the development of trade and industry.
  • We strive for smarter and more sustainable procurement. Procurement must increasingly emphasise quality criteria, take climate stress into account and allow partial tenders. It should be natural that our food is produced responsibly.
  • Municipalities must be good employers. Municipal employees are an important resource. We must look after their well-being and occupational health.
  • We wish to secure municipalities’ ability to make considerable investments in growth.
  • We want to promote smart cities and municipalities. Municipalities must open doors for innovation.
  • We want to strengthen cooperation between companies in municipalities and ideally in entire regions.
  • We want municipalities to actively promote work-related immigration.
  • We want to ensure that higher education policies take into account the municipalities’ and regions’ long-term needs for competence and workforce.

A pioneer in climate and environment questions

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Healthy and prosperous residents

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