Close to you – SFP municipal election platform 2021

The municipal elections will be held on 13 June 2021. You have an important role to play in these elections!

The Swedish People’s Party of Finland (SFP) actively strives, at all levels, to build and support a Finland with two strong national languages, Swedish and Finnish. We give voice to a Finland that focuses on the individual and seeks solutions that work equally for all of us. We need strong urban areas as well as a vital and successful countryside. The decisions adopted in your municipality affect you and your daily life and that is why we all, you and I, form the municipality. That is why the municipal elections are so important. It’s about how our municipality and city, yours and mine, will be developed and led for the next four years.

The SFP believes that all municipal residents should feel safe and secure and enjoy life in their home municipality. Services must work smoothly when you need them. We want our children to get the best start imaginable. We want our day-care centres and schools to offer comfortable environments where children can thrive. We want our seniors to receive the help and support they need. We want to see pleasant living environments that are adapted to your situation. We also want to have a clear urban policy for our larger cities, featuring well-functioning public transport and appealing residential areas.

The Swedish People’s Party of Finland wants to see safe municipalities where everyone feels included. In our municipalities, we strive to create opportunities for a good life so that you can develop, grow and live happily. In our municipalities, we emphasise co-creation and engagement. We need places where people can meet and spend time together. We also need Swedish-speaking spaces in municipalities where Swedish is the minority language.

We want to build a good linguistic climate all around the country and in every municipality. It is important that everyone feels included and is not afraid to use their own language.

We want our municipalities to follow the times and to open-mindedly renew themselves. We want our municipalities to promote the creation of new activities and the establishment of businesses . Investments in employment and entrepreneurial activities are key elements of a well-functioning municipality. While digitalisation enables a smoother daily life, we also need human contacts.

Municipalities play a central role in promoting smart energy solutions. The SFP supports efforts to make Finnish municipalities climate neutral by 2030.

Everyone has the right to shape their own future. The ongoing health and social services reform must ensure equal services to all people.

A municipality where all people are equal is a healthy and thriving municipality. Equality is a core value in all our work, including that carried out in municipalities. The SFP emphasises the importance of having an equal number of women and men in municipal leadership positions. The party wants all municipalities to sign and implement the European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life.

We oppose segregation and expect our municipalities to actively work to include newcomers to Finland in the local community. Every municipality must be free of racism. The SFP promotes diversity and inclusion and also wants integration to be possible in the Swedish language. Service in the Sámi language must be offered regionally. Services must also be available in sign language. Nordic cooperation is unique in many ways, and active municipalities can benefit from cross-border cooperation.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an increasing number of people working remotely, and holiday homes have taken on a new role for many of us. This places new demands on services offered in the temporary home municipality. The possibility of having two home municipalities must be explored.

The Swedish People’s Party of Finland is close to you at every stage of your life. We want it to be easy for you to contact your elected representative and us – whatever your question.

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