Helsinki municipal election platform 2021

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1. The best day care and school
  • We want to improve the availability of competent personnel at all levels and increase the number of assistants and resource teachers in schools.
  • We want the city to cooperate with higher education institutions and the government to answer the need for competent teachers.
  • We want to ensure an adequate number of places close to home in day care centres.
  • We want to see enhanced cooperation in pupil welfare and comprehensive care involving both schools and health care.
  • We want to increase contact teaching in vocational education and ensure its high quality.

2. Smart environmental and climate policy
  • We want Helsinki to be climate neutral by 2030.
  • We want the city to adopt a responsible and innovative energy policy.
  • We want construction in the city to be sustainable and low in carbon.
  • We want waste recycling and recovery to be more efficient in Helsinki, which would also promote the circular economy.

3. Healthy and thriving families with children
  • We want to have “health kiosks” or local units that provide guidance and counselling.
  • We want to support families with children through outreach work involving cooperation between child welfare and health care services.
  • We want to increase resources in child welfare services.
  • We want the City of Helsinki to employ more interpreters to facilitate guidance and counselling for people who have recently moved to the city.

4. Well-functioning services for senior citizens
  • We want to see innovative solutions, investment and reorganisation aimed at improving home care.
  • We want people with memory disorders to have access to safe places, also known as memory villages.
  • We believe that family carers need more support better suited to their needs. We also need more places for short-term care to help family carers cope.
  • We want to see more residential solutions where both young and old people live in the same building.
  • We want to improve the availability of round-the-clock residential care. We also want to see an increase in the number of places in senior homes.

5. Safe and comfortable living
  • We want Helsinki to be an accessible city where everyone can get around.
  • We want to ensure that everyone has a roof over their head.
  • We want the streets and parks in Helsinki to have adequate lighting.

6. Living languages
  • We want Helsinki to serve as a model for bilingualism and be a city with a positive attitude to languages overall.
  • We want all the information provided by the city to also be available in Swedish, that translations properly convey the content, and are published within a reasonable period of time.
  • We believe that Helsinki needs an ombudsperson for language protection.
  • We also want Helsinki to offer high-quality education in the Sami language.

7. Social welfare close to you
  • We want social welfare to be service-oriented to ensure that help and assistance are easily accessible.
  • We want to secure the availability of social services in both national languages and in Sami, as well as ensure the availability of interpretation, if required.
  • In youth psychiatry, we want to see a smoother path from youth to adulthood as well as adequate resources to guarantee the continuity of care.
  • We want to expand preventive mental health care and support to help young people.
  • We want the city to ensure that student health services have adequate resources so that they are not overloaded.

8. Easily accessible health care
  • We want funding for health care and social welfare to support services in our growing city – not weaken them.
  • We want to invest in the development of health kiosks for less acute care.
  • We want Swedish-language care to be guaranteed.
  • We believe that the waiting time for care must be reduced and that this can be achieved with the use of service vouchers.
  • We want residents to be heard in the development of services.

9. Inclusive integration
  • We believe that Swedish-language integration needs to be developed so that it works for all age groups.
  • We want to see integration take place through inclusion, for example, through leisure activities and sports.
  • We strive to prevent segregation in the city through a housing policy that supports diversity.
  • We want to secure funding for positive discrimination.
  • We want to include people with immigrant backgrounds to promote integration.

10. Healthy sea
  • We want Helsinki to actively participate in efforts to protect the Baltic Sea.
  • We want to further develop the sea strategy protecting the unique archipelago around Helsinki.
  • We believe that environmental awareness presents opportunities for developing new business operations and innovations in the city.
  • We want to make the city beaches and islands more easily accessible not only by public transport, but also by private boat.

11. Sustainable urban planning
  • We want to see sustainable, aesthetic construction that fits in with the surroundings.
  • We want the city to ensure both adequate and diverse construction to curb housing costs.
  • We want healthy, sustainable buildings with long service lives. This also applies to renovation.
  • We want to see more green spaces, which also serve as environments for exercise and outdoor activities.
  • We want improved and more advanced noise protection, adapted to individual neighbourhoods.

12. Smooth transport solutions
  • We want to see more cooperation and foresight in transport planning.
  • We want the City of Helsinki to invest in bicycle infrastructure so that cycling is smooth and safe for everyone in Helsinki, including motorists and pedestrians.
  • We want to increase waterborne public transport in Helsinki.
  • We want the state and city to jointly guarantee operating conditions for small aircraft and helicopters.

13. Diverse cultural life
  • We believe that a rich and diverse cultural life is a vital part of residents’ daily lives.
  • We want the city to create more and better opportunities for pop-up activities.
  • We want the range of cultural activities to be highlighted as a competitive advantage when marketing our city.
  • We want to protect and develop the operating conditions of libraries.

14. Sports for all
  • We want to encourage city residents of all ages to get more exercise.
  • We want sports activities to be linguistically more equal and inclusive.
  • We want Helsinki to more clearly highlight the third sector when presenting sports-related activities offered in the city.

15. Competitive higher education institutions
  • We want to make Helsinki an increasingly attractive city for studies.
  • We want urban planning to ensure that an adequate volume of student housing will be constructed.
  • We want the city to enhance its marketing of education, including that provided in Swedish.

16. Safety
  • We want the entire city to feel safe and secure for all age groups.
  • We want the police to have adequate resources to also deal with lesser offences against health and property and to maintain contact with the surrounding society.
  • We want to ensure schools and social welfare adequate resources to prevent situations leading to exclusion and bullying, including online.
  • We want Helsinki to be an example and model for cybersecurity in the public sector.
  • We want Helsinki to be a city free of racism.

17. Equality at all levels
  • We want a gender impact assessment to be carried out on all the decisions made by the city council.
  • We want the city to consider accessibility in the physical environment and transport.
  • We want the city to prevent domestic violence and we want to see an increase in funding for crisis care centres.

18. A flexible work life
  • We want Helsinki to be an increasingly attractive location for creating new job opportunities and to assert itself internationally as a business location.
  • We want Helsinki to continue to provide start-ups with good opportunities for development.
  • We want Helsinki to have a large enough student intake in tertiary education to secure the availability of a highly educated workforce.
  • We want to see deeper cooperation between workplaces and specialist study options.

19. Young people confident in the future
  • We want there to be inexpensive and free public spaces that are attractive to young people.
  • We want the city to encourage and create support services for young people.
  • We want a housing policy that helps young people gain access to home ownership.

20. A good economy
  • We want the city to create opportunities for successful business.
  • We want the city to invest at an early stage in helping the unemployed return to work.
  • We do not want to increase local income or real estate taxes.
  • We want to encourage families with children as well as companies to stay in the city.