Healthy and prosperous residents

The Swedish People’s Party of Finland works for a society where everyone feels safe and happy. This means that municipal services must continue to be available close to the residents. All residents have the right to good healthcare and elderly care when they need it. Municipalities must be able to provide adequate support services for those in need of them. All of us need help at different stages of our lives. For example, guidance for families, support at schools, youth services, social services and elderly care must function on the individual’s terms – in both Swedish and Finnish. The Swedish People’s Party wants Finland to be the world’s child-friendliest country, which is why we also strive to make the daily lives of families with children as smooth and easy as possible.

  • We emphasise investments in preventive activities that promote health. Investments in the exercise, sports and culture sectors, including adult education centres and folk high schools, clubs and societies, nature paths, libraries, music institutions and art schools boost well-being and add to the vitality and attractiveness of our municipalities.
  • Areas to walk your dog and dog parks are needed in our cities and municipalities. We also need enough waste bins to ensure a comfortable environment for everyone.
  • Municipalities must offer all ages diverse opportunities for physical activity. Playgrounds, skateparks and other exercise places, such as outdoor gyms and workout stairs increase people’s well-being and comfort. Planning must always take into account the users, irrespective of their functional ability.
  • In order for health and social services to work in the best possible way, we need private operators and the third sector to complement public services. We believe that service vouchers should be used more comprehensively in municipalities and hospital districts to shorten waiting times for medical care.
  • The coronavirus has posed challenges to societies around the world, including ours. The SFP will continue the efforts to suppress the virus locally, regionally and nationally. Once the vaccine is here, we want to ensure that you can get one in your own municipality.
  • Security is important throughout one’s life. We consider high-quality care for the elderly a matter of honour. Senior counselling offered by municipalities is important for the functional ability, health and well-being of senior citizens.
  • Young people have the right to do well. We want to see well-functioning youth services that support safe growth and prevent exclusion. Outreach youth work, guidance services and youth workshops help young people take their first steps into adulthood. The SFP wants a limit set on the maximum number of pupils per school psychologist and welfare officer, which means that the acute shortage of qualified personnel must be addressed.
  • We strive to prevent increasing feelings of loneliness among both the young and the old.
  • We want free contraceptives to be offered to all under-25-year-olds in municipalities. This has been seen to reduce the number of abortions among young people.
  • Hobbies are an important part of well-being. We believe that all young people have the right to meaningful and free leisure activities. Children and young people must also have the opportunity to influence the leisure activities offered by the municipality. All participants, irrespective of their gender or age, must have equal access to cultural activities, leisure activities, training times and venues provided by municipalities.
  • Youth councils, councils for older people and councils on disability fulfil an important function in municipalities. Engaging more people from a variety of backgrounds helps us build a better society. We also emphasise the use of participatory budgeting to increasingly include residents in the municipalities’ decision-making process.
  • We strive for good cooperation between the municipality, state and third sector. We want to secure long-term operating conditions for the third sector.
  • We work to ensure that everyone, including people with functional variation, has the right to employment and self-determination and the opportunity to influence their own life.
  • Integration services are becoming increasingly important for our municipalities, and they must function well to ensure that newcomers to Finland feel part of society. Municipalities must improve the quality of integration services offered to newcomers outside the labour market.
  • The prevention of violence against women and violence in relationships, as well as services for victims of violence must be a natural part of municipalities’ activities. In order to promote health and well-being, municipalities must develop cross-disciplinary, long-term and systematic activities aimed at preventing violence.
  • We want municipalities to introduce gender-aware budgeting and an evaluation of the gender impact of decisions.
  • Health and social services are on the verge of major changes. The patient must continue to be the focus of attention in the future. Well-functioning cooperation between different parties and professional groups must continue to be developed.
  • The upward trend in drug use is concerning. We need a wide range of services and forms of care to support both substance abusers and their families. We need broader access to low-threshold consultation, support for families and multiprofessional cooperation involving, for example, the municipality, school, care providers, home and police.
  • We want municipalities to make child-friendly decisions with a long-term view. To do so, municipalities should increasingly evaluate the consequences of decisions for children.
  • We want to change the age limits for free breast cancer screening from the present 50–69 years to 40–74 years. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in Finland.

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