William K. Topelius


"Interaction! For a fresh and healthy Vantaa!"

As a northerner born in Finland and raised in Sweden - previously living and working in countries such as the USA, Scotland, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania and again moving back to Finland in 2009 - I have a certain understanding of the international work and mentality of our surrounding neighboring countries.

It is important to safeguard what is Finnish as well as Swedish in Finland, as it is part of our cultural heritage. I work actively to promote interaction and communication between Finns, with an effort to simultaneously increase understanding and cooperation with our neighboring countries.

As a country, We should continue to invest in education and good conditions for employment. Increased understanding and acceptance in our communication with each other and immediate neighbours, is today to an increasing degree, an important part of the sustainability work in terms of both finances and the environment.

Contact me and tell me what is important to YOU and how you think I could promote a better living in Vantaa!

Name: William K. Topelius
Year of birth: 1966
Municipality: Vantaa
Town: Vanda
Title: Entrepreneur and Pilot
Email: wk.topelius@gmail.com
Phone: 040-2178000

Important political topics

The best school

All will for change begins with ourselves. Our own thoughts, words and actions. How we act in our immediate environment together with the people we want to create a future with and after that in ever wider context.

When our thoughts are formed into words, communication with others is absolutely essential in the realization of our dreams and plans. How we communicate and what resources we have available. In all bridging work, language has been one of the most important factors for increasing cooperation, consensus and the possibilities for a common platform.

Language is an ace card. The more languages ​​we master, the stronger hand we will have to play with. The fact that children are bilingual today is not remarkable, but rather a basic precondition to satisfy a richer exchange with other people later in life. Many children today even grow up with three or more languages. Restricting oneself to one national language in today's world, appears rather as an inferiority in the international exchange, as well as the foreign trade that Finlands economy depends on to survive.

Swedish is a bridge to the other Scandinavian languages ​​and thus also a good basis for further joint work on a pan-Nordic scale. We should therefore safeguard the Swedish language in Finnish schools as well as English and other international languages - which we need to be able to stand strong in cooperation and competition with our surrounding world.

Our future always lies within the next generation. A safe and well-functioning school that can compete on the international scene, is very important for Finland!

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Entrepreneurship and employment

There were 121,149 jobs in Vantaa at the end of 2018, which was five percent of all jobs in Finland. Jobs increased by 4,800 during 2018, with greater growth only in Helsinki and Tampere. Vantaa's largest industry was wholesale and retail trade, but jobs have increased the most in the construction industry.

The youngest employees by age structure were in administrative and support service activities, arts, entertainment and recreation, and accommodation and food service activities, about half of whom were under 35 years of age. Of the large areas, Aviapolis had the most jobs, 41,600, more than one in three of which were located in the Veromies district.

According to Statistics Finland, there were almost 10,500 unemployed people in Vantaa at the end of 2019. The unemployment rate was 8.6 per cent, which was only 0.1 percentage points lower than in the previous year. Of the Vantaa metropolitan areas, the highest unemployment rate was in Hakunila (10.5%) and the lowest in Aviapolis (6.3%). Compared to the previous year, the unemployment rate decreased the most in the Koivukylä metropolitan area (-0.4 percentage points) and increased in the Kivistö metropolitan area (0.7).

Statistics continue to reflect the important role of companies and enterprises in job development and we must continue to encourage and facilitate the creation and development of new businesses in Vantaa and also to attract outside companies to move their business to Vantaa - this is where our future jobs will be.

Employment is directly linked to well-being and many problems can be avoided by developing a good job market. Zero vision is difficult to implement for many reasons, but an unemployment below 5% should be a realistic goal to ensure the general well-being of Vantaa.

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A pioneer in climate and the environment

DIRECTION - not intention - determines the future. If I travel straight ahead at 300 km per hour and want make a turn that can be done in max 100 km per hour, the probability is high that I continue on my projected path - more or less straight ahead - if I don’t decrease my speed or otherwise drastically change my direction. Similar problematic have been present in the global work on climate and the environment. Good intentions that are largely locked in a direction based on an economic infrastructure, which is more or less dependent on constant growth. Good intentions that are inhibited by a society's direction and lifestyle that is linked to an ever-increasing need for natural resources.

Changing direction on such a large scale is a gigantic challenge and a slow process. I have no quick fixes or nice words to share. We must once again - each of us - start with what is closest to ourselves. To think about how we live our lives and how we want our and our children's future to look like. For real.

SFP has a comprehensive program in terms of climate and environment work that you can read more about by clicking on the link below. We continue the good work for a better and more sustainable future. At the same time, we all need to sit down from time to time and think about what we can do ourselves, and how myself as an individual can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Write me your ideas about what we can do together to achieve more sustainable solutions for both climate and environment. What type of energy we should feed our infrastructure with and in what way, how our food should be produced and distributed and how the manufacture of consumer goods can again be based on a sustainability where repair and maintenance are prioritized over a wear and tear culture. In several parts of Finland, trade in second hand goods has created both jobs, favorable prices and a more environmentally friendly approach.

What more can we do to develop, for example, a more sustainable consumption?

I do not have all the answers, but I can work to bring forward our common ideas and proposals for a better and more sustainable future!

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