Stina Wahlsten


"For a more sustainable and equal future through innovation."

Hi! My name is Stina. I am 28 years old, graduated from Hanken School of Economics in 2017 with a masters in finance. I work in IT, have my own company that I work on on my spare time and am politically active in my spare time e.g. sitting in the advisory board of the Alliance of her, which is a European organisation to further equality in political decision making.

I am very passionate about equality and sustainability why I entered politics. I believe we can solve the issues at hand best by combining the public and private sectors' efforts. I want to see more innovative solutions to the climate question and more efforts to reach equality.

Name: Stina Wahlsten
Year of birth: 1992
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Kallio
Title: Financial Development Manager and co-founder
Member in:

Important political topics

A pioneer in climate and the environment

Global warming is our generation's biggest threat and our biggest responsibility. I will work towards a more sustainable Helsinki with a circular economy, an efficient and sustainable energy use and a strong public transport.

At the same time, I want Helsinki to invest more in our surroundings, I want to see more projects such as the Cathedral's terrace done. In the future, I want to see more active tourism and more people who want to move to Helsinki, also from abroad.

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I want everyone in Helsinki to have the same opportunities and for everyone in our city to be treated equally. Here, I want to see a functioning safety net.

I want to highlight our well-being and mental health and how important it is that we resource our assets better. The pandemic has highlighted how important it is for help to be readily available, at short notice.

Equality on the job market must also be prioritised, in particular in regards to salaries, working conditions, employment conditions and career development.

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Entrepreneurship and employment

I want to work for a more entrepreneur - friendly Helsinki that makes it as easy as possible for you to start your own business. I want to see a wider safety net with, for example, parental leave support.

I want to see that with more innovation our society can move towards a circular economy where what we use can be reused, reduced or recycled.

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