Kristian Wahlbeck

"Everyone in Helsinki, including children, should have the right to mental health, urban planning on the terms of citizens, and a carbon-neutral city with diverse urban nature. "

I am a psychiatrist and researcher, working as Director of Development at MIELI Mental Health Finland (a non-governmental charity) and part-time as a Research Professor at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). I am one of the initiators of the citizens' initiative for a therapy guarantee, and I am also a psychotherapy expert by experience. I have attended my school in urban activism in the defense of the Lapinlahti former hospital and park as a citizens' centre for mental wellbeing from nature and culture.

Name: Kristian Wahlbeck
Year of birth: 1960
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Kallio
Title: Psychiatrist, Research Professor

Important political topics