Terhi Vörlund-Wallenius


"For an equal and thriving Turku!"

I am the Mayoral candidate for the The Swedish People’s Party in Turku.

I was born in Vaasa 56 years ago and grew up there. We spent the summers in Sommarösund on Replot. In 1982 I took the Matriculation examination and moved to Turku to study. That same autumn I started singing in Florakören and thus entered the student life of Åbo Akademi University, even though I was studying at Turun Yliopisto. I became a Licenciate in Medicine (MD) in 1989, met Kaj and stayed in Turku. I am a general practitioner by heart and soul and have worked for the city of Turku for 30 years. In my free time I still sing. I like to do needlework, i.e. historical costumes, and read. I try to stay fit by walking in the home area of ​​Perno. My family nowadays also includes the rescue cat Gebhard Leberecht von Pörrendahl.
I have extensive experience of municipal politics after 19 years in the city council and 25 years on different boards, delegations and comittees. I was elected to the council as first substitute in the 1996 election. I am particularly familiar with social and health care, education and the cultural sector. I am socially involved also outside municipal politics: I am a working member of Samfundet Folkhälsan, board member of Folkhälsans Förbund and Landskapsföreningen Folkhälsan in Åboland and represent Turku and The Swedish People’s Party in Kommunförbundets Svenska delegation. In the latter, I have been able to deal with interest monitoring, especially regarding the planned social and health care reform. In my spare time I also work at the grassroots level against racism and discrimination.

Name: Terhi Vörlund-Wallenius
Year of birth: 1964
Municipality: Turku
Town: Turku
Title: General practitioner at Turku Health Center
Email: terhi.vorlund-wallenius@turku.fi
Member in:

Important political topics

Healthy residents

The municipal service must be available on equal and fair grounds for all residents. In a bilingual city like Turku all service production must be available in both national languages. When it comes to other language groups it is important to offer interpretation services. The public sector should be strong but purchased private services can be used as a complement. The city’s basic health care absolutely needs more resources.
Investing in children and young people is for the city an investment in the future. A well-functioning health care, day care, education and leisure sector contributes to the well-being of children and young people. Every child has the right to at least one hobby regardless of the family's income level. Early intervention should apply if someone notices that a child or a young person is not thriving. Cooperation between neighborhood police and youth workers can prevent young people’s lives from venturing on the wrong paths.
Turku should be an entrepreneur-friendly city. The city's tendering procedures must be developed in such a way that they have a positive impact on the local economy and employment and take into account quality and environmental aspects. Whenever possible, tenders should be divided so that even smaller companies can participate.

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The city should strive for increased equality and tolerance in all it’s functions and should not tolerate racism or discrimination in any form. All people are of equal value regardless of skin color, gender, language, disability, religion, or sexual identity. Movements and organizations whose ideology or methods of influence are illegal shall not be allowed visibility or operating conditions. Hate rhetoric does not have to be tolerated in any form. An individual who feels excluded from society is an easier prey for extreme movements. Therefore, society on a broad front should counteract exclusion.

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Turku has always been a city of culture and it is our duty to ensure that that tradition lives on. It is well known that culture promotes human well-being both physically and mentally. In addition, a rich cultural life brings economic benefits to the entire area. The city must do its utmost to ensure good conditions for various cultural actors. Every kind of culture is important and there should not be a distinction between "high culture" and "popular culture". The new Concert Hall needs to be built in e near future but not on the Itsenäisyyden aukio (”Independence Park”). At a later stage it is the turn of the historical museum. In the building of new venues, however, we should no longer gnaw on the parks in the center of the city. Everything does not have to be within three blocks of the Market Square.

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