Ted Urho

My name is Ted Urho, I work as an executive manager for the liberal think tank Agenda and live in Ullanlinna with my partner Mathias.

I was born in Helsinki, grew up in Espoo and since 2010 I've lived permanently in Helsinki. In between, I managed to live both in Ostrobothnia (studies) and in West Africa (exchange).

My values are liberal and I care about human rights, the freedom of the individual and that everyone should have equal chances to realize themselves.

Before I started at the think tank Agenda, I worked for ten years as a journalist at Svenska Yle. First as a radiotalk show host and producer at Yle X3M and then for five years as the breakfast show host on Yle Vega in the Helsinki region. Through that job, I came in daily contact with locals and expats in Helsinki and their problems, joys and thoughts.

In Helsinki, I want to work for three different environments: the language environment, the urban environment and the living environment. You can read more about them below.

Name: Ted Urho
Year of birth: 1980
Municipality: Helsinki
Town: Helsinki
Title: Executive manager / Bachelor of Education
Email: ted.urho@gmail.com
Phone: +358505447730
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