Pia Tyyskä


"Through my work I want make sure Lahti is a city where we all feel safe. Well-being is the key to the future! "

Hi! I’m a 45 years old psychiatric nurse from Lahti. My family consists of my husband, 3 sons (17, 15 and 6 yrs.), two cats and an Irish setter.

We live in a family house in the city center. My younger sons visit the Swedish school of Lahti and the oldest studies at Solvalla. I’m active in the Swedish community, in Lahden Purjehdusseura and in the handicraft club Kankurin apu. My children like to play music, football, swim and sail. I’m active in handicrafts, sailing and outside activities.

If you would like to learn more, please, call me!

Name: Pia Tyyskä
Year of birth: 1975
Municipality: Lahti
Town: Lahti
Title: Psykiatric Nurse Masters degree
Email: Pia.tyyska@gmail.com
Phone: 0402210836
Member in:

Important political topics

Healthy residents

When the citizens feel good, then also the community feels good. There are inhabitants in all age groups from babies to elderly people. All of them have their own special needs. Therefore we must strive to better security, well-being and comfort. This is not just a question of health but also about nature, sports, living, traffic, education etc. We must also think about what kind of future we create for our senior citizens.

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Climate-smart municipality

Our city is a visionary in questions of climate. Lahti is the Green Capital 2021! Nature (forests, lakes) are important to the citizens of Lahti, The city is striving to be carbon-neutral in 2025.

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Sports and excercising have a great impact on society. Open and well-kept sports fields and gyms for all kinds of users support the citizens' well-being. Especially children and youngsters - but adults and seniors as well - should be offered opportunities to have hobbies. Maybe communities should talk about a HOBBY-guarantee for the citizens - for their well-being?

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