Tom Kullberg


"Hanko / Hangö - welcoming all year around"

I am M.Sc. (Tech.) and a dad - with an international career in the ICT Industry behind me. I am for an attractive environment, entrepreneurship and bilingual services - now and in the future.

I wish for job opportunities, cityscape, activities, connections, education, social and healthcare services to develop such that people increasingly wish to live and stay in our unique city.

Part-time residents, teleworkers, labor immigration and visitors can all benefit our economy, population development and tourism.

I wish to see the tourist destination Hanko / Hangö develop, also as part of the archipelago and Swedish Finland.

Name: Tom Kullberg
Year of birth: 1963
Municipality: Hanko
Town: Hangö
Title: M.Sc. (Tech.)

Important political topics

Housing and construction

Build beautifully, preserve the old and safeguard sustainable development!

We will nurture and build on the unique environment in Hanko. The villas, boathouses, cultural history, nature, beaches and ports belong to Hanko now and in the future.

The building style should preferably follow the classic Hanko tradition. We will not get back environments once lost.

Beaches and nature must be accessible to everyone - in a sustainable way.

Think of the city's attractiveness, not just from a local or Finnish perspective, think internationally!

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Entrepreneurship and employment

Examine the possibilities of teleworking. Welcome part-time residents and entrepreneurs, investigate and consider their needs.

The ports, tourism and renewable energy have their place, but also examine the potential of e.g. the ICT and service sectors, with teleworking options. Focus further where bilingualism provides added value.

Think big and a bit crazy, e.g. a unique international-class adventure spa or park would be a wonderful addition.

Lappohja / Lappvik has suffered a lot from lost jobs and should be considerered in economy, well-being and tourism development activities.

Work-related immigration must be actively supported. New Finns must be integrated and included in the local community, both in Swedish and Finnish. Swedish will more likely bind people to westernmost Uusimaa and make them want to stay.

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Functional infrastructure

Direct train traffic to the big cities, safe and smooth road traffic yes, but also see the possibilities in passenger traffic by sea.

Collaborate with Västnyland, Åboland and Åland to establish the archipelago and Swedish Finland as tourist destinations.

Southern Åboland is closer to Hanko than Turku. Dagö and Ösel are closer to Hanko than Tallinn. Åland, the Stockhom region and Gotland are all close when considering sea routes.

Increasing accommodation possibilities also brings new jobs and residents.

Yes, think big and a little crazy!

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